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ONDULINE® roofing solutions are the most efficient and cost effective DIY and professional roofing alternative.

We offer 3 roofing solution ranges, the ONDULINE CLASSIC® roof sheets and accessories, the ONDUVILLA® tiles and accessories and the BARDOLINE® shingles as the alternative to slate.
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The ONDUVILLA® is watertight in hot and cold weather conditions. Thanks to their flexibility, the tiles have no cracks caused by changes of temperature or freezing of absorbed water.

The corrugations of ONDUVILLA® provide a space of 85 sq. cm/m-eaves, which helps to have better ventilation between the heat insulation and the roofing tile. A ventilated roof is secure against the effects of condensation.

With ONDUVILLA®, weight of the roof is only 4kg/sq. m. Lightweight means savings on cost for substructure and transportation and also means easy handling during installation. One package of ONDUVILLA® can cover 7.8 sq. m.

ONDUVILLA® can be nailed easily. Galvanised safe-cap ONDULINE® nails are put on top of the corrugations, preventing the infiltration of rainwater through nail holes. If necessary, the tiles can be cut to desired sizes with a saw or knife.

The special profile of ONDUVILLA®'s overlaps prevents the entrance of rainwater or snow even under extreme weather conditions. fixed with special galvanised nails placed on top of each corrugation, overlaps are also resistant to wind uplift.

If the roof pitch is not high, it is possible to walk on ONDUVILLA®, stepping easily on the flat parts of the overlaps. Also, a ladder, necessary for roofs with high pitches, can be placed easily on flat parts without causing improper pressure and deformation of the corrugation.

ONDUVILLA® can be installed on battens. Compared with materials which need a full deck substructure, ONDUVILLA®'s batten system can provide material savings up to 50%.


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