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ONDULINE® roofing solutions are the most efficient and cost effective DIY and professional roofing alternative.

We offer 3 roofing solution ranges, the ONDULINE CLASSIC® roof sheets and accessories, the ONDUVILLA® tiles and accessories and the BARDOLINE® shingles as the alternative to slate.
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- Easy to transport and install and needs virtually no maintenance

Thanks to its particular light and resistant structure, with ONDULINE CLASSIC®, it is possible to minimise installation and transport costs, making the whole roofing process more efficient.


- Easy to cut, shape and fix

ONDULINE CLASSIC® versatility allows easy cutting and shape when it comes to eaves, ridges or roof ventilators. All you need is a saw, a hammer and our recommended Nails to fix the product on the most types of roofs.


- High insulation and sound absorbency values

Thanks to its fibrous composition, ONDULINE CLASSIC® has one of the best thermal coefficients for products of this thickness as well as extremely good sound absorption values. ONDULINE CLASSIC® is extremely effective against rainfall noises creating thus a unique living and working comfort in residential and commercial constructions and improving factors in farm building.
Noise reduction: ONDULINE CLASSIC® absorbs noise with R=34 dB (27 % noise reduction)
Heat reduction: ONDULINE CLASSIC® has R= 0.178 m2 K/W
Thermal Coefficient: ? = 0.098 W/m °C (Metal has ? = 52 to 112 W/m °C means 520 to 1,120 times more)


- Corrosion lifetime warranty

Most roofing products are vulnerable top the action of atmospheric agents. In most cases the results are rust, corrosion and increased brittleness. ONDULINE CLASSIC® because of its original components and its unique production process, is not subjected to these phenomena. That’s why we give a lifetime warranty against corrosion.


- Withstands windspeeds and loads

ONDULINE CLASSIC® withstands winds up to (192km/h) providing its suitability in hurricane and earthquake conditions. It also resist up to 0.9 Tons/m when subjected to distributed loads which is well above the admissible loads in most snow conditions. That is why ONDULINE CLASSIC® is use throughout the world in any climate and latitude.


- Does not break during transport and fixing

Several types of corrugated sheets break during transport due to irregularity of roads and rigidity of products – ONDULINE CLASSIC® does not. Its composite structure allows the greatest flexibility and absorbs all shocks due to transport in difficult conditions. For the same reasons ONDULINE CLASSIC® doesn’t break when fixed to any roof structure.


- Only 6.4kg per sheet of 1.92 sq. m

ONDULINE CLASSIC® sheets are very light and easy to carry. This important feature is crucial for transport and for installation making the product ideal for both professional and DIY users.


- Does not contain asbestos

Asbestos has been classified as a cancerous material in 1977 by the international agency for the research of cancer. Many countries in the world have already adopted new regulations accordingly. ONDULINE CLASSIC® does not only contain asbestos but it also helps with the covering of those contaminated roofs that are otherwise difficult and expensive to remove.


- 7 years warranty

Protection from rainwater, snow or moisture is essential on a roof. ONDULINE CLASSIC® with its watertight structure allows all this, increasing considerably the roof lifespan. Besides that, ONDULINE CLASSIC® corrugations provide also an ideal ventilation of the structure before limiting the formation of moisture. ONDULINE CLASSIC® waterproof is guaranteed 7 years in normal installation and usage conditions.


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